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Art Note Cards


To celebrate “Over 32 Years” (1985 -2018) as a professional artist, my studio (Pine Ridge Productions, Inc.), has recently produced art note cards of over 60 popular images of my artwork.

Art Note Cards by Santoleri
Art Note Cards by Santoleri

I am proud of the quality, in these art note cards. Printed on thick, acid-free (for archival quality) cover stock, with pigmented inks, to ensuring greater fade resistance and packaged in Crystal Clear Bags®  to show off the images!

At recent art shows, I noticed a resurgence of interest in note cards.  Told on more than one occasion “in this age of texts and emails, it’s nice to receive a hand written note card with a nice envelope and a stamp”.  This prompted me to devote over 4 months to creating this retrospective of my work. I am thankful for the help of many others in re-scanning images, color correcting them and producing a product that I am proud of!

The pieces that you have come to know throughout the years are now available in note cards. From well-known Philadelphia Images, my Boathouse Row scenes (7 of them), Cape May beach vistas, to my University paintings, there are a wide variety from which to choose.  The inside of each card is blank and the all packed in a clear presentation bag.

All art note cards are a standard 5″x7″ (when folded) and printed on 80 lb. acid free card stock, with fade resistant inks, and accompanied by fine quality A7 envelopes. The printing process has vastly improved over the past 30 years. Back in the 1980s through the early 2000’s, it would be nearly impossible to replicate on a print the colors in my originals. Now with new technology, it’s amazing  how close the printing can match the original artwork.

Over 60 different images reproduced from
Santoleri art are now available in note cards.

Packs of 10 (5″x 7″) Note Cards and 10 Envelopes (all 10 Note Cards are the same) Available at $20 per pack.

Page 1  This Page (color images from paintings)
Page 2 (black and white images from pencil drawings)
Page 3 (university and school related)

Turtle Crossing by Santoleri
“Turtle Crossing”

Country Fresh by Santoleri
“Country Fresh”

Little Brook Farm by Nick Santoleri
“Little Brook Farm”

"As The Crow Flies" Watercolor Painting 2015 in Progress 15
“As The Crow Flies”

Boathouse Row 7 Santoleri
Boathouse Row 7

Saint Josephs University Santoleri
“Saint Joseph’s University III”

"Bartram Bridge" by N. Santoleri
“Bartram Bridge” by N. Santoleri 2008 watercolor

Independence Hall in Progress 15
Independence Hall 3

Kalmar Nyckel Under Sail
“Kalmar Nyckel Under Sail”

Breck's Mill Santoleri
“Breck’s Mill”

Boathouse Row 6 Santoleri
“Boathouse Row 6”

Newtown Square Train Station Santoleri
“Newtown Square Train Station”

Philadelphia Waterworks Santoleri
“Philadelphia Waterworks”

Annapolis City Dock Santoleri
“Annapolis City Dock”

Valley Green 3 Santoleri
“Valley Green 3”

Valley Green Inn 2 Santoleri
“Valley Green Inn 2”

Valley Green 1 Santoleri
“Valley Green 1”

Boathouse Row 6 Santoleri
“Boathouse Row 6”

Boathouse Row 5 Santoleri
“Boathouse Row 5”

Boathouse Row 4 Santoleri
“Boathouse Row 4”

"Boathouse Row 2" by N. Santoleri
“In for the Evening”

Boathouse Row by N. Santoleri
“Boathouse Row”

Spring Mill Santoleri
“Spring Mill”

Beach Drive Cape May Santoleri
“Beach Drive” (Cape May)

The Southern Mansion Santoleri
“The Southern Mansion”  (Cape May)

Reflections at Dawn Santoleri
“Reflections at Dawn”

Winter in Annapolis Santoleri
“Winter in Annapolis”

Philadelphia Skyline Santoleri
“Philadelphia Skyline”

Time to Fly Santoleri
“Time to Fly”

Angel of the Sea Santoleri
“Angel of the Sea” (Cape May)

After Labor Day Santoleri
“After Labor Day” (Cape May)

A View of Columbia Avenue Santoleri
“A View of Columbia Avenue”  (Cape May)

Snow Days Santoleri
“Snow Days”

"Brandywine Christmas" by N. Santoleri
“Brandywine Christmas”

Independence Hall Santoleri
“Independence Hall”

Philadelphia Museum of Art Santoleri
“Philadelphia Museum of Art”

Kirby's Mil Santoleri
“Kirby’s Mill”

Woodland Visitors by Santoleri
“Woodland Visitors”

Evening At Edgemont Santoleri
“Evening at Edgemont”

On Walden Pond Santoleri
“On Walden Pond”

Philadelphia Skyline Santoleri
“Reaching For The Sky”

Stop by my studio and see a the full line of note cards, and save shipping cost.
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Nick Santoleri ~ Artist  |   Pine Ridge Productions, Inc.
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