Oil and Acrylic Portraits

Oil and Acrylic Portraits

Portraits are a labor of love for me. I need to do a portrait from time to time to fulfill me as an artist. Usually only a couple a year are drawn or painted as they take a lot out of me. Sometimes a pencil drawing captures to essence of the subject and sometimes I move on to full painting. My oil and acrylic portraits can take me up to a year to complete, as I usually hit a few periods during the process where I need to put it away for awhile (days, weeks, or months). When I pull it back out, I have a new perspective on them, I find my self supercharged to make some changes.

"Dreadlocks" Acrylic Painting on Panel 2015 by Nicholas Santoleri - Oil and Acrylic Portraits
“Dreadlocks” Acrylic Painting on Panel 2015 by Nicholas Santoleri

Above -This acrylic portrait, painted in late 2014 through early 2015, is one of my personal favorites. I tried to capture the strength of character in this local young woman.

Sunday Afternoon by Santoleri - Oil and Acrylic Portraits
“Sunday Afternoon” Acrylic Painting on Panel by N. Santoleri 2010

Above -This acrylic portrait received “Best of Show” at the 2010 Lititz Show. This prestigious show juried 170 artists to participate, each presented 4 pieces of art to be judged, for a total of 680 pieces. This gave me the confidence to pursue portraits as an outlet for creativity more vigorously.

Flower Girl Painting by N. Santoleri - Oil and Acrylic Portraits
“Flower Girl” Acrylic Painting on Panel  by N. Santoleri 2012-2013

 Above – This painting, completed a few years after I  finished a drawing titled “Flower girl” in pencil and print. It seemed that viewers seemed to connect with what I tried to capture “persistence and hesitation”.

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