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Philadelphia Art

Philadelphia art created by Nicholas Santoleri over the last 30 years.


Philadelphia Skyline Santoleri
Philadelphia Skyline” by N. Santoleri 1999

Philadelphia Art – For the last three decades, painting and drawing the historic landmarks of Philadelphia has been a major part of Santoleri’s portfolio. Although he was raised and now lives in Chester County, the richness of history and architecture in Philadelphia inspires him to paint and draw some of the same scenes, like boathouse row and Independence Hall, over and over again. Santoleri explained “When I paint a scene and spend weeks on it back and forth from the site to the studio, it becomes part of me. When the scene changes, be it the seasons or building addition, I feel an immediate need to create a new image capturing these changes”. Completing seven major paintings of Boathouse Row, on the banks of the Schuylkill River, three major painting of the Valley Green Inn on the Wissahickon creek and three paintings of Independence Hall. Santoleri said “painting by a river for him is not work, it’s a meditation”.

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Boathouse Row (1) by Nicholas Santoleri
Boathouse Row (1) by Nicholas Santoleri


In for The Evening By Nicholas Santoleri
In for The Evening by Nicholas Santoleri


Boathouse Row 3 by N. Santoleri
Boathouse Row 3” by N. Santoleri


Boathouse Row 4 Santoleri
Boathouse Row 4” by N. Santoleri


Boathouse Row 5 Santoleri
Boathouse Row 5” by N. Santoleri


Boathouse Row 6 Santoleri
Boathouse Row 6” by N. Santoleri


Boathouse Row 7 Santoleri
Boathouse Row 7 by N. Santoleri    Prints are available


Hiking the Wissahickon Trail, Drawing By Nicholas Santoleri
“Hiking the Wissahickon Trail” Pencil Drawing by Nicholas Santoleri     Prints are available


Valley Green 1 Santoleri
“Valley Green” (1) by N. Santoleri 1990


Valley Green Inn 2 Santoleri
“Valley Green Inn 2” by Nicholas Santoleri 1997


Valley Green Inn III Watercolor by Nicholas Santoleri
Valley Green Inn III – Watercolor by Nicholas Santoleri      Prints are available


We The People Santoleri
We The People” by N. Santoleri 1987


Independence Hall By Nicholas Santoleri
Independence Hall by Nicholas Santoleri


"Independence Hall 3" painting by N. Santoleri
“Independence Hall 3” painting by N. Santoleri      Prints are available


Manayunk - Pencil Drawing by N. Santoleri
Manayunk – Pencil Drawing by N. Santoleri     Prints are available


award-winning watercolor by Nicholas P. Santoleri  ©2018
“The S-Bridge to Manayunk” (Circa 1918) watercolor by Nicholas P. Santoleri 2018
Independence Hall in Progress 18
Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia receives the 1st framed Print.


Philadelphia Museum of Art Santoleri
Philadelphia Museum of Art” by Santoleri 1995     Prints are available


Philadelphia Waterworks Santoleri
Philadelphia Waterworks” by N. Santoleri     Prints are available


Philadelphia Skyline Santoleri
“Reaching For The Sky” by N. Santoleri 1991     Prints are available


Elfreths Alley Santoleri
“Elfreths Alley” by N. Santoleri 2010   Prints are available


Saint Josephs University Santoleri
“Saint Joseph’s University” by N. Santoleri 2013     Prints are available


LaSalle University Santoleri
“LaSalle University” by N. Santoleri 2005     Prints are available

Philadelphia Art

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Nicholas Santoleri ~ Artist      Pine Ridge Productions, Inc.
1515 West Chester Pike Unit A-6, West Chester, PA 19382
In Historic Chester County, Pennsylvania