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Glossary of Art Terms

This glossary will hopefully answer some question you may have about the artwork on our website. If you have other questions please contact us with them. We will be happy to help you. 🙄

Serenity pencil by Santoleri
“Serenity” by N. Santoleri pencil
  • Artist Proofs are a small number of prints, usually not more than 10% of the edition size, set aside for the artist’s use. Traditionally, these were the first prints off the press, the best quality copies, and were used to approve color consistency for the rest of the printing. With modern offset printing methods, artist proofs are now of the same quality as the standard edition prints, and are published only as part of the print making tradition. These prints are marked AP or Artist Proof and are numbered separately from the total edition. Some collectors prefer the Artist Proof because of the smaller edition size.
  • Edition Size is the limited number of reproductions, as determined by the artist. This number does not include artist proof prints or remarqued prints, which are numbered separately.
  • A Giclee is a reproduction produced from a digital file of the artwork, using a specialized inkjet printer and archival inks that are fade resistant. Each print is individually reproduced as the printer sprays ink directly onto fine art paper or canvas. The process can produce millions of colors and an exceptional level of resolution, resulting in an extraordinary match in color and detail with the original work of art.
  • Image Size – This refers to the actual dimensions of the printed image itself, and not to the size of the paper it is printed on.
  • Limited Edition Print – The total number of prints in the edition is fixed by the artist at the initial printing. The prints are sequentially numbered, and are often signed by the artist. These reproductions are often created from an original work of art using offset lithography or digital printing, and are printed on high quality fine art paper. Limited editions prints can also be hand pulled from etchings, engravings, woodcuts, and serigraphs.
  • Open Edition Print – There is no limit to the number of prints in the edition. Prints may be signed by the artist.
  • Remarqued Print – A remarque is a small original pencil drawing by the artist in the border at the bottom of a print. The drawing usually relates to or highlights some aspect of the print and is a unique way for the artist to personalize the print. Remarques are numbered separately from the total edition.
  • Secondary Market Price – The price of a sold out print, as determined by supply and demand in the marketplace, after all copies in an edition have been sold.
  • Woodcut -A print made from a carving of an image or design in a block of wood. The wood is inked, and the raised image is transferred to fine art paper.

Nicholas Santoleri ~ Artist      Pine Ridge Productions, Inc.
1515 West Chester Pike Unit A-6, West Chester, PA 19382
In Historic Chester County, Pennsylvania