My Creative Process

What is my creative process?


Hiking the Wissahickon Trail, Drawing By Nicholas Santoleri
“Hiking the Wissahickon Trail”, Drawing by Nicholas Santoleri

My creative process usually begins with a pencil. Although I paint on site and in the studio, almost every creation stars with a pencil sketch on site.  My studio creations usually take between a few weeks to a couple of months complete.  Most preliminary sketches and drawings are drawn on site. Starting with pencil sketches to create a composition. Working with pencil to create value studies makes for a more pleasing finished painting.  Watercolor studies on site usually follow the pencil sketches. Often when I am sketching a composition, I bring a camera to capture shadows, details, and interesting happenings.  These photographs sometimes influence the present work, and sometimes future artworks.

When a painting does involve studio time it is usually more detailed, refined and time intensive. My studio has controlled lighting, and being climate controlled is more conducive to major drawings and paintings.



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